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HYDROHM is established in 2020, as a spin-off company of Ghent University. We build on years of experience in research and development, and bring together the latest innovations in electrochemical engineering.

We believe in the electrification of water treatment as an opportunity to shift towards more local and sustainable water systems, with an increased focus on quality and health. Instead of dosing chemicals to treat water, electrochemical technologies use electricity, which is a renewable and traceless input, that can be generated or connected to anywhere.

  • Driven by electricity. Renewable and economic
  • No added chemicals. Avoid safety risks and residues
  • Local water treatment. Higher water efficiency at your site
  • Enhanced process control. Maximize quality, minimize cost


Ride the current with us

Korneel Rabaey

PhD, engineer
Technology and Technical sales

With over 20 years of experience in electrification and biotechnology, Korneel has developed a range of technologies for water treatment. He is professor at Ghent University and CTO of CAPTURE.

Jolien De Paepe

PhD, engineer
Research and Development

As a specialist in closed loop systems and electrochemical water treatment systems, Jolien leads the technical development of Hydrohm’s portfolio.

Pieter Naert

PhD, engineer
Engineering and Operations

With his background in chemical engineering and training in business management, Pieter focuses on engineering and scale-up of electrochemical systems, and manages daily operations.

Fabian De Wilde

Project engineer

With experience as project engineer and R&D engineer, Fabian works on prototype development, operation and optimization

Max Sabbe

Project engineer

With a background in industrial engineering and bioengineering, Max focuses on the scale-up and optimization of the electrochemical technologies at Hydrohm


Discover our new Place to Pee!


For the coming months, you will find The Place to Pee at the Ghent University campus ‘Sterre’ (Krijgslaan 281 S4-S5, Ghent). Come visit us and pee happy!

Welcome, Max!


The Hydrohm team happily welcomes a new team member, Max Sabbe. Max is bioengineer and will work as project engineer with a focus on the URIDIS technology. His first day was also our first day in our new office at Capture!

Hydrohm and PureBlue water collaborate on CrossRoads2-project


Hydrohm and Pureblue Water team up in a CrossRoads2 Sustainable Energy project. This is a project within the European program Interreg Flanders-Netherlands and aims at stimulating collaborations between SMEs in Flanders and the Netherlands. Together, we will develop an electrochemical hydrolysis technology that enables cost-effective and energy-neutral decentralised water treatment. Furthermore, our technology creates the opportunity to upcycle the organic stream through fermentation, which can result in the production of valuable products such as bioplastics. We look forward to this collaboration! Discover more by clicking this link:

More information can be found on the crossroads2.eu website.


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